Piper PA-34 Seneca is a twin-engine light aircraft of US origin, produced by Piper Aircraft from 1971 to the present.

The Seneca is primarily used as a personal air transport, business and for instruction.

The model incorporates a longer balanced ailerons and the Seneca I, adding a limiter (anti-servo tab) and counterweights (bobweight) in the elevator.

The "T" suffix model reflected the change to six- cylinder turbocharged Continental SIOT-360E or EB to increase performance, particularly at high altitudes. The Seneca II retained opposed setting rotation of the engines Seneca I.6

The Seneca II also introduced a provision for such club seats, which covers two rows of seats that are opposite, allowing greater interaction between passengers and a greater sense of comfort.


• Power: 200 hp each engine

• Gross Weight: 4570 lbs

• Maximum speed: 196 kts

• Empty weight: 2.841 pounds

• Cruising speed: 177 knots

• Fuel capacity: 93 gallons

• Speed ​​loss (dirty): 62 knots

• Autonomy: 725 NM

• rate of climb: 1,340 fpm

• Ascent Rate (motor): 225 feet per minute

• Ceiling: 25,000 feet ceiling (One Motor): 13,400 feet

It is used to obtain ME + IR